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What does a shrug mean? A shrug is when someone raises their shoulders slightly to show doubt, ignorance or even indifference. We do it all the time!

“Where is Jay?” = Shrug.

“What do you think he means?” = Shrug.

“Do you have any idea how to wear a tie?” SHRUG!


The same way as shrugs are popular in everyday conversation, so are emojis. We use them all the time! But some of us like to use old time text elements like the bracket, hyphen and collen to express ourselves, instead of the new age emojis!

New age emojis:





Old age emojis: these are typed emoticons and many people use them instead of just plastering a yellow coloured smiley.

When we’re happy = 🙂

When we’re sad = 🙁

When we’re laughing = 😀 / xD


When we’re shrugging! = ¯\_()_/¯


But the problem with shrug emojis is that it’s not as easy to type as any of the other emojis. It takes forever to find the right text elements on your keypad and by the time you do fine it, the moment or window of gap to use it would have passed.



So how do we keep this shrug emoji in stock and ready to go?

  1. For android:

Copy ¯\_()_/¯

Go to settings and type in language and output settings.

Tap for all languages and click on the “+” button.

Shortcut field – type “shrug”

Type a word field – paste what you copied.


  1. For Iphones:

It’s mostly the same procedure.

Copy ¯\_()_/¯

Go to settings and type languages

Click on the text replacement button and add a new one.

Shortcut field – type “shrug”

Phrase field – type “¯\_()_/¯


  1. For Mac:

Copy ¯\_()_/¯

System preferences

Click the keyboard and press text

Replace box – type “shrug”

With box – type “¯\_()_/¯


  1. Windows:

Windows does not have an inbuilt auto correct or text replacement feature. So if you want to get an autocorrected shrug text, then you’ll have to download apps that do text replacement for windows!


So when you type in ‘shrug’ on the keyboard, then you get this pasted text as a result instead!

These old timers have a charm of their own, so they are a delight to use. But they do come with certain baggage (who doesn’t?). But once you got the above settings fixed, then you’re ready to go!