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Image Submission Sites to Boost Your Image SEO

Visually oriented online environments now demand more engaging images than ever before. Image submission sites have become one of the most important SEO resources to create high quality backlinks for a website.

Your site will improve search ranking as well as attract more users using natural methods by putting good quality pictures.

However, how can you be sure that your masterpiece will be seen by many people around the world?

There are many image submission websites that allow users to post their pictures that anybody can download freely or buy on the internet. (The best part is that you can include your website link as well.)

These image sharing platforms act as launchpads for your visual content, propelling them into the vast digital ocean where potential viewers and website visitors reside.

Finding reliable image submission sites can be daunting since there are many options to choose from. This guide will offer you all the information and techniques you need to utilize them for SEO purposes more effectively.

Foremost, let’s perceive what image submission sites are typically used for.

What Are Image Submission Sites?

Image sharing websites are kind of a web service platforms where photography enthusiasts and designers post their images as well as share them.

These resources function as a storage for graphical content and help users with promoting products or improving their search engine rankings using such tools as marketing and image search engine optimization.

Presence of high-grade images on such sites is conducive to promotion of any business, attracting a larger audience and, eventually, improving search engine results for the better.

Why Image Submission Matters [The Benefits]

Before diving into specific sites, let’s explore the compelling reasons why image submission deserves a prominent spot in your SEO arsenal:

Enhanced Image Visibility: Image sharing sites allow you to display your images and make them visible through Google image search results and other search engines. Because of this, you can have more chances of having them seen when someone searches for something similar on their search engines which consequently leads to increased traffic on your website.

Boosted SEO Performance: Images accompanied by strategic keywords and backlinks to your website can improve your overall SEO ranking. Search engines consider user engagement metrics like clicks and time spent on image pages, positively impacting your website’s authority.

Brand Awareness Amplifier: High-quality visuals with clear branding elements can subtly promote your brand to a wider audience. Your brand is recognized every time that image is viewed and this recognition leads to increased brand awareness and potential brand loyalty.

Social Sharing Spark: Image submission sites are often breeding grounds for social media sharing. Eye-catching visuals can easily be shared across bookmarking platforms like Pinterest and Twitter, expanding your reach and driving further exposure to your website.

Targeted Lead Generation: Specialized platform communities, including those dedicated to photography, enable you to engage with a relevant set of users. Presenting your skill set using attractive images is one way to lure those who could become buyers of the products/services you offer.

Top 30+ Image Submission Sites to Boost Visual Appeal

A lot having been said about the advantages that come with it, we are at the verge of looking into the best image submission websites you can use as part of your SEO strategies.

Below are some of the top-notch image submission directories which will assist you in improving your image SEO as well as increasing your website’ presence online while bringing traffic to your website:

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Notable Tips to Optimize Your Images for Submission

Now that you’ve got your ideal image sharing platforms; it is important that you optimize images for them to have the best result possible.

Below are some important approaches which should be used in order for your images to be noticeable and catch attention of the intended viewers:

Technical Optimization:

File Size: Website loading times can be slowed down by large file sizes, which has a negative impact on both SEO and user experience. Try using TinyPNG or Squoosh as image compression tools that enable you to shrink the size of files without losing much quality.

File Format: Make the right choice on a file format for your type of photo. If you want a good trade-off between quality and size in images, then it’s advisable to use JPEG format. In addition to that, PNGs are the best for illustrations featuring text and clear lines.

Image Dimensions: Resize your images to the recommended dimensions for each platform. Uploading overly large images will result in unnecessary scaling, potentially affecting quality.

SEO Optimization:

Descriptive Filenames: Replace common photo names like “IMG_0001.jpg” with descriptive titles that truly reflect the content of the image. Use important terms split with hyphens to make it easy to search them.

Compelling Titles & Descriptions: Write titles and descriptions that clearly show the image you are presenting in a few words. By joining a strong call-to-action with relevant keywords, you will help the site’s visitors get interested and visit your website.

Strategic Alt Text: Your image content should always have alt text. In other words, alt text is crucial because without it, visually impaired users or search engine crawlers may not be able to access the images on that web page or blog post.

So, include the necessary and relevant keywords but not too spammy for your image rather than just stuffing it with unrelated terms.

Branding Integration:

Watermarks: Subtly embed a watermark with your brand logo or website URL on your images. This ensures brand recognition, even if your image is shared on other platforms.

Logo Placement: Strategically place your brand logo within the image itself, particularly for infographics or product visuals. This reinforces brand association with the valuable content you’re providing.


Image submission websites are very important if you are looking forward to growing your presence on the internet, increasing your search engine optimization (SEO) levels and driving traffic towards your site.

Your digital marketing goals can be met through these image sites by selecting the best phot sharing platform, making it possible for sites through images’ optimization and community engagement.

If you are either a business seeking to increase brand awareness or an individual wanting to showcase your creative work, image submission websites could be just what you need.

Just explore these platforms today and see how much better your online presence can become.

Remember: Consistency is key to success. Regularly submit high-quality, optimized images to your chosen platforms while actively engaging with the community. Over time, your image submission efforts will translate into significant SEO benefits, driving targeted traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately, website growth.