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How do you create an advertising campaign on Google Ads?

That’s the question that you’ll answer as you read this case study, which shows how one business used Google Ads to increase their conversion rate by 95% & improved CPL from $18/Lead to $9/Lead in 6month.

You’ll also learn about some of the key features of Google Ads that helped this company to improve their performance and find success in their advertising campaign.

While there are always new features being released, these are the most important tools to focus on as you build your campaign.

Let’s firstly try to understand the reasons why customer don’t convert
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10 Reasons Your Customers Don’t Convert

While you can spend hours optimizing your Google Ads campaign,
one of the most overlooked aspects of a successful Google Ads campaign is that your customers must see it.

You may have an amazing product,
but if they can’t find it they’ll never make a purchase.
To improve conversion rates we recommend tracking every aspect of your customer funnel and making adjustments to optimize performance throughout.
For example, maybe you find that more people are buying but are canceling during their free trial.
If so, you should focus on reducing these types of drop-offs by communicating clearly with potential customers through consistent emails and also optimizing free trial length or offering more value for a lower price point.
Once you track down any trouble spots in your conversion rate, it’s time to take action!
It’s not enough to simply optimize Google ads campaign. It takes ongoing testing and optimization of each part of your customer journey from start to finish.
If you want to truly boost conversions and optimize your Google Ads campaign, follow our 10 steps below:
1) Research Your Audience
2) Identify Trouble Spots
3) Test
4) Launch
5) Measure
6) Optimize
7) Track
8) Analyze
9) Make Adjustments
10) Repeat


A New-York based car dealer approached us for help with their Google Ads account (name withheld to protect privacy).

We studied the account, prepared a detailed strategy, and informed the client that there was a significant opportunity for improvement.