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How to Perform Competition Analysis in SEO

One of the most important factors in SEO is your ability to find out where your competitors rank. If you are new to SEO, you may not know how to do this. It’s no secret that search engines like Google have a huge influence over online traffic and conversions. And the higher you rank in search results, the more potential customers you can reach. Luckily, we have a step-by-step guide for you that will help you analyze your competition and uncover where they rank.

1. Identify your SEO Competitors

seo competitors

You need to identify what your competitors are doing and why they are doing it. First, you need to research your keywords to understand who your potential customers are. Once you have identified who your audience is, you will need to think about your competitor’s keywords too.

2. Evaluate Keyword Difficulty

keyword difficulty

If you want to know which keywords are easier to rank for, you can use tools like Moz’s keyword difficulty tool or LongTail Pro. These tools will allow you to compare the relative difficulty of your keywords to the average keyword difficulty for the top 10 websites in your industry. This will give you a good idea of which keywords you should focus on and which ones you should leave alone.

3. Look for New Keyword Opportunities

new keyword opportunities

Make sure to look for new keyword opportunities, especially if you see that your competitors are ranking well. You can also analyze your competitors’ content and see what they are doing to stand out from the crowd. This can be a great way to improve your SEO and gain more visibility online.

4. Analyze On-page Optimization & On-site Content

on page optimization

The on-page optimization refers to all the ways that you can make your website look attractive to search engines. This includes how you design the site, the quality and quantity of your content, and other factors. The on-site content is basically everything that happens on your website. It is your mission to ensure that you have both high-quality and relevant content. You can achieve both of these by making sure that your content is well-written, unique, and engaging.

5. Dig into Competitor Backlink Profiles

competitors backlink profile

Analyzing Competitor backlink profiles is the best way to determine what your competition is doing online. You can analyze the content of each link, check how frequently they are published, what sites they are linking to, and other factors. All of this information is very useful when it comes to determining what you need to do to rank higher for certain keywords. If you find that your competitors are doing something similar to what you are doing, it means that you need to do something different. Otherwise, your content will be ignored by search engines.

6. Examine Site Structure & UX

website structure

There are a lot of ways to make your site look attractive to visitors. You can make your site look nice and clean by using colorful buttons and backgrounds. You can also add graphics to your pages to draw attention to important information. You should also add videos, animations, and other multimedia elements to enhance the user experience. These elements will make it easier for your visitors to navigate your site, as well as keep them on your site longer.

7. Learn how they are Leveraging Social Media

leveraging social media

Social media has gained popularity over the years. Today, everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In fact, these sites are very useful tools for businesses. Some of the ways in which they can be leveraged include the following.

• Facebook can be used to generate leads for your business. Posting links on Facebook is a way to get your website’s link into the newsfeeds of your friends.

• Twitter can be used to spread messages about your business. People can follow you on Twitter to learn about what you are doing.

• Instagram can be used to post pictures of your products or services.

• LinkedIn can be used to promote your business.

8. Try to Track Competitor Ad Spend

competitors ad spend

Tracking your Competitors’ Ad Spend is one of the most important elements for a website owner. These elements will make it easier for your visitors to navigate your site, as well as keep them on your site longer. These elements also help search engines rank your site higher on the results page. If your site has many ad spaces, you should keep track of what your competitor is spending. This will help you learn about what kind of keywords they are using and what they are paying for.


In conclusion, you should know who your competitors are and what they are doing. If you don’t, you will lose business and the opportunity to improve your search rankings. You need to understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and what they are doing to stay ahead of them.